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CAD design

We take part in projects for mechanic industry and production. We provide a professional 2D and 3D CAD design and drawing services




Feasibility study

We analyse cases and new concepts




Research and development

R&B along with clients and as a vendor





We provide the best quality service.



CAD Design

Our company has work experience in various branches of industry.


We offer our services in accordance with to the newest and one of the most commonly used in industry CAD software (such as ProE/CREO). Our engineers took part in many diverse ventures which enabled them to understand how to best approach problems and achieve the most suitable solution and gain better results. This ensures that with each new project we take on, the technological and mechanical aspects of every part will be designed with utmost detail and care. With wide manufacturing knowledge we are able to think ahead of the production process and make the design as easy to make as possible.


We can undertake engineering drawing projects across the majority of industry engineering with no projects being too small or too big.


We constantly invest in software and necessary training to ensure the highest standards of final product. Through our work we provide quality.


Our work consists of:

  • 2D CAD drawings
  • Mechanism and machine design
  • Surface design
  • Mechanical design
  • Sheet metal design
  • CAD engineering outsourcing

The advantages of using Focus Engineering as your outsourcing design and 2D CAD documentation partner:

  • Flexible costs adequate to client requests
  • Short time scale of response





Feasibility study

Analysis of feasibility and concepts


Focus Engineering sets out for each new project individually to accomplish the needs of customer to our best effort. Design feasibility studies enables you to make the best possible decision.


  • We analyse the strengths and weaknesses areas of greater risks so that it can be mitigated (SWOT analysis).
  • Propose suitable solutions taking into account the existing technical resources of your company such as identify the most appropriate technology, material and processes.
  • We ascertain the costs needed to do those concepts and propose areas where they can be reduced.
  • Study ensures a clear focus on an efficient design in development stage.

At the end of designing process our clients can be assured that the finished product will fulfil their needs in the best way possible.







Research and Development

R&D along with clients and as commission


We can help develop new concepts according to requirements it has to satisfy. You can come to us with an initial idea in your head. We can develop it through series of sketches and 3D CAD model. Thinking outside the box is what we like. Our work can include CAD design as well as FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis of new parts, development of already existing machines. With kinematic analysis of the mechanism it can be assured to work properly with no collisions.


These projects can involve complex designs for which we can use surfaces design. With this tool it is possible to sculpture any shape as long as there is a production process in which we can be assured to achieve the final product with satisfying quality. Our engineers can develop new concepts for machinery such as parts of production lines as well as tooling for various processes.


















Great things are not done by impulse, ,
but by a series of small things brought together… (Vincent Van Gogh)


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Focus Enginering?

For us, your needs are the most important. We guarantee full commitment to each and single one of the projects we take on. Engineering is our passion.

Mission Focus Engineering

Our mission is to build a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship with every client.



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Our final products are always of utmost quality
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There is no “impossible” in our dictionaries
Thinking outside the box is what we like
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